PG Win32 Clients




The PG Win32 Clients installer provides a single file install for the psqlODBC and PgOleDb clients for PostgreSQL.

The installer should function with clients running all current versions of Microsoft desktop operating systems - from Windows95 to XP.

The installer comes in three flavours:

  • Full Install -   9mb -  This version includes MDAC 2.8 and DCOM installers for Win95/98
  • Web Install - 1.5mb - This version will download MDAC 2.8 and DCOM installers for Win95/98 on demand.
  • Min Install -  1.5mb - This version assumes that MDAC / DCOM components are correctly installed on the client.

The installer is scripted with InnoSetup and ISTool which means that the scripts can easily be customised.






Installers and source scripts can be downloaded via the links below or from the pgFoundry site which also hosts the project forums, etc.